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Map Export  v.

Map Export is a GIS developer oriented tool for downloading and exporting background image. Map Export can export both satellite imagery and street maps from Google Map. It can export in many kinds of bmp format as you like.

Blade API Monitor  v.

Blade API Monitor, a developer spy tool, can trace and log API and ActiveX interface with parameters. It can trace any exported functions of any DLLs, log all API call information, predefine 8000+ APIs' prototype, and it supports MAP PDB Files, etc.


Compound File Explorer  v.

The Compound File EXplorer (CFX) is a developer's tool for examining and editing the structure and contents of OLE structured storage files (aka 'compound files').

Telerik JustTrace Beta  v.1 2

JustTrace is a new developer productivity tool, which enables you to profile .NET applications easier and faster than ever before.

AutoFlowchart  v.3 2

AutoFlowchart is a developer's tool able to simplify the titanic job of having a source code logic in order and seeing the whole process step by step.

Op4j  v.1.0

op4j is a developer happiness tool.

Fonts Fonts Fonts  v.

Are you a "Developer Developer Developer"? A "Designer Designer Designer" perhaps? FFF allows you to sample every single font available on Windows Phone 7, with various placeholder texts, weights and styles. You can also import a True Type font file

WebObjects Developer  v.5.2.3

About WebObjects DeveloperMakes it easy to quickly develop and deploy your Java server applications.

JBuddy Developer Tools  v.6.1.0520

Create interactive IM applications and IM Bots with ease using JBuddy IM Toolkits.

Developer Tool Marketplace News Screensaver

Find out about the latest software components and custom controls as they become available using Dev Direct's Developer Tool Marketplace News screen saver. Essential for all .Net, Java, ActiveX/COM, C/C++ and Delphi programmers. Every day software

GoldenRATIO - The tool for every designer and developer.  v.1.1

goldenRATIO - The tool for every designer and developergoldenRATIO is a cute little App providing an easy way to design websites, interfaces, layouts etc.

RegExp Developer Tool  v.1.0

An utility is intended for editing perl regular expressions, allows you to choose different options for compilation regular expression.

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